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Ranked "Best Home Cleaning Service"... Check This Prices!

*DIAMOND Spring 2017 Special Fixed Price $220.00. 3 Maids Deep Cleaning Your House for 4 hours. Good As a First Time Clean. 12 Hours of Combine Work.

*Spring 2017 Special Fixed Price $120.00 up to 2000 Sqfts House. 3 Maids Cleaning Your House for 2 hours. Good as a Follow up Clean. 6 Hours of Combine Work.

We Add $60.00 For Each Hour if You Need Extra Time.

*Bronze Clean 0.16 x House Sqfts. Deep Clean 3 Maids 4 Hours With $59.00 Discount Coupon. Good for Small Apartment.

*Not Valid with any other Offer or Discount -$59.00 Discount Only For Your Bronze Clean.

Now You Know The Ridiculous Low Prices. No More Cleaning Stress.

Pick Your Date and Time... Let The Rest To Us... Book Now Online!!!

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Maid Cleaning Benefits

In choosing the top alternative for your house cleaning requests, look no more than our Maid Cleaning Services that have a lot of benefits to using Maid Nurse Cleaning Service, which embrace:
Specialized cleaning – Our maids do are the top in the area, and when they’re done, you will see just how qualified and professional they are and suggest them to others.
Time Reduction – Since our cleaning maids work in group of 3, the labor gets ready much sooner. Not only that, but 3 set of eyes are better that one, so a triply sure they don’t miss something, ensuring the finest professional cleaning is complete in every aspect of their performance.
Money Reduction – Homes Clinic Maids assures you get the most reasonably priced and first-class, meticulous cleaning job existing in Cape Coral and Ft. Myers.
Cleaning Done Right – Since our Maids are highly-trained in all section of house cleaning, you can “Put Your Feet Up” assured that your home will be immaculate when they are done, giving you a peace of mind and time to relax with your friends & family.
Trained Workforce – All Our employees get a rigorous training, criminal and background-checked. They are also educated by our Senior Personnel, so you are receiving the most qualified house maids around.
Teams of 3 – Your Maid team come super prepared and also aware of what products they employ to ensure non-hazardous, safe products are used around your loved kids and pets. We also warranty that no corner will be fail to spot and every spot of dust is wipe down clean.
The Scheduling is Done Online – You don’t have to much time negotiating with schedulers over the phone? No dilemma... All of your house cleaning scheduling can be done online. We also guarantee that you have plenty time to be ready for our services. We give you reminder calls, emails, or texts 1 hour prior the service.
Bonded and Insured – Yes, we guarantee our cleaning service maids are not only the must professional in performance, but also they carry the entire essential documents to grant qualifications and skills in house cleaning.
These should make you choosing Maid Nurse Cleaning Service in Cape Coral and Ft. Myers in a blink of an Eye. 

"Taste" and Compare

Clients are Replacing their existing cleaning provider when they "taste" Ours! The reasons are obvious... 

We offer the Cheapest Price, regardless of the High End Quality Service. Never be under agreements that obligate you to a certain amount of cleanings. Environmentally Safe Products. Time Reduction - Teams of 3. You Never Have to Clean A Toilet Again. You’re Buying Free Time. No Supplies to Buy, Store or Stock. Experts in the field do your cleaning. No surprises, you know prices prior the clean. 
A Very Clean Home. Perfect for your Busy Schedule. Each Maid passed a criminal background check. Clear Communication. We take your cleaning personally. The Scheduling is Done Online at your Requested Time. Bonded and Insured. 

Super Service

Super Cleaning Service

Cleaning Protocol

Our prices are standard and apply for any size of property. Others Fees like Pets and Amount of Decoration may Apply if is too Abundant. (From $15 up to $25 per House). To know the square footage of your home, you can use and enter your address. Because we don't work under any contract, you may cancel your clean-up at any time. For that reason the first deep cleaning always will be the 4 hours and then, the payments are reduced to the desired type of service, for example; 2 hours. 

This way, everyone is treated equally. We want to remind you that our cleaning girls work very hard to meet the requirements of the trade, with a calendar and also each house has different cleaning needs. Our Maids always organize as much as possible every cleaning job, but we have come across with a very common and "interesting" experience, for Example. Everything is ready to start cleaning, and we enter to the family room with children's toys everywhere and the sofas cushions are thrown in the hall, the glass tables with dirty dishes and dry tomato sauce... We Organize and We clean, but It take More Time. Our maids are very good and they always meet the demand.

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